About Your Personal Trainers in Denver, CO

We believe…

  • Giving your body exactly what it needs is the key to ultimate wellness.
  • That tricking your body in any way is NOT the way to wellness.
  • That everyone can use SUPPORT to reach his or her goals.

Our wellness coaching starts with a Free Wellness Evaluation and from there we determine the best program for you nutritionally and financially. We give you all your options. Unlike your typical personal trainers in Denver, CO, we help set your goals and we coach you until you reach your goals. We are there for you, meeting with you, checking in with you to make sure you are on track.

About 10 years ago Rachael and Jason had a dream of being active and healthy and working together…

We wanted to work together, travel together and just plain live life together. We wanted to buy a house, fix it up and raise our children… together. The reality was that we were living separate lives trying to keep up with our jobs in New York City. Plus, health wise, we were neglecting ourselves because of our demanding time needed by our bosses. We needed a change…

We thought that change was going to come when we started an online business helping other businesses with their online businesses =) We were working from home, which was great, but we were staring at the computer for 60+ hours a week and just getting by financially. By sitting stagnant at this desk alone, we were bored to tears and lifelessly working. There’s no future in that type of body language. Again, we needed a change…

That change was/is Wellness Coaching. But first, we had to start with ourselves first. Once we did this, we couldn’t wait to help people who are looking for a personal trainer in Denver, CO to do the same, which is what we are doing now. Here are our wellness stories:

Rachael: About 10 years ago I got married and I need to lose about 8 lbs. I was very busy and there was no time to workout. These 8 lbs seemed to sit right in my mid section. I found this program with a personal trainer in Denver, CO and it just fit into my life so well. It felt amazing and I’d never had so much energy. I felt so great that I have stuck with the program ever since because it is simply a way of life. In 2010, I had a baby and lost over 24 lbs after that pregnancy. I’m now pregnant with our second and I plan to stick with the plan through pregnancy and after.

Jason: About 10 years ago, Rachael was using the program to lose weight for the wedding. I wanted to increase my energy and actually gain weight for the wedding. I was able to get to my ideal weight in time for the wedding and people noticed. In 2010, we had a baby and during that time I will admit I ate with the pregnant lady and with aging, I was gaining weight unlike any time in my life before. I had to adjust my program and I was able to lose 8 lbs with Rachael after the baby as well. Now I’m on a program that is used by triathlon athletes to increase my muscle mass. Results coming soon…

We are both originally from Minnesota and met in St. Paul. Since being together for over 15 years, we’ve lived in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, and now Denver, CO where we are raising our family.

Rachael’s background is in motherhood, marketing, online business management, singing and guitar.

Jason’s background is in broadcast/journalism, website design, graphic design and acting.

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