Affordable Wellness Coaching: Why it’s Different from Seeing a Nutritionist in Denver, CO

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Let’s Talk Affordable Wellness Coaching and Nutrition

Have you ever found yourself needing a little extra support while striving to reach your health and wellness goals? Maybe you tripped up a bit because you couldn’t stay with your fitness or nutrition plan that your nutritionist in Denver, CO designed for you? Yeah?

Have you ever tried simply eating right and find it tough to stick with it? Did you also find that it is extremely expensive to stick to those “meal plans” from your latest work out video?

How about a wellness coach? Think it’s too expensive? Or perhaps you’re thinking “awe, c’mon I can do this myself.”

Let’s start with OUR Wellness Coaching.

It’s affordable because our Wellness Coaching is free. Yeah, read it right. Free. All of our nutrition programs come with free Wellness Coaching.

Our time with you is free and we love it. It is important for us to make sure you are succeeding with the program and to be there to support you every step of the way. Seeing you succeed is one of our greatest joys in what we do. So, do you need Wellness Coaching? Well, let’s take a listen to a doctor and professor from UCLA who is recognized as an authority nutrition and obesity.

Dr. David Herber, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N., is a Professor of Medicine and Director, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, who wrote the Wellness guide that we will walk you through during your wellness examination. He mentions these steps in achieving optimum wellness:

Steps for Achieving Optimum Wellness:

  • Define Your Wellness Goals
  • Have an evaluation of your personal wellness
  • Identify key areas you need to impact to reach your wellness goals
  • Get recommendations from your Personal Wellness Coach
  • Make a plan of action that you can commit to.
  • Get the ongoing wellness coaching support you need to stay on your wellness track for a healthier future.

In Dr. Herber’s recommendations, he suggests finding a wellness coach to support you in reaching your goals. He says this knowing human behavior. Don’t most people need all the support they can get to achieve the important goals in our lives? He wouldn’t recommend this if only a few people were not able to achieve their health and fitness goals on their own. Or a couple people fell short. It’s fairly common human behavior. We NEED support! We offer complimentary wellness coaching when you commit to one of our nutrition programs.

Let’s move to the importance of Nutrition

Ever try a crazy diet you knew wasn’t good for your body? Perhaps you’ve tried the cabbage diet, The Atkins Diet, Diet Pills or Sensa to name a few. You felt horrible, right?

What all these diets have in common is that they offer poor nutrition. But you didn’t care if it was good nutrition because you just needed whatever method of losing weight to work. It didn’t matter until you… felt horrible, had low energy and you never wanted to look at another cabbage in your life. Plus, you gained all your weight right back.

Nutrition. You can’t hide from it. Without it, your body will not perform the way it was intended to perform.

Again, let’s check in with Dr. David Herber’s proper nutrition recommendations

Good Nutrition = Prevention

Advances in nutritional science have brought us important insights into what goes into a healthy diet.

  1. Getting protein from soy, lean meats and fish is important to control your appetite and to nourish and protect your muscles.

  2. Colorful fruits and vegetable provide unique plant nutrients and antioxidants that protect the health of the most important organs in your body.

  3. Fiber from fruits, vegetables and some whole grains is important to maintain balanced intestinal function and to clear toxins from your body.

  4. Healthy fish-oil fats from ocean-caught fish and help your body fight inflammation. This benefits your joints and skin and lowers your risk of heart disease.

Our Wellness Coaching involves PURE NUTRITION.

What’s next with Wellness Coaching?

Let’s start with a Wellness Evaluation (for free) where we will exam your typical daily diet, lifestyle, and body composition analysis. After the wellness examination, we will determine the best nutritional program for you to reach for and achieve your goals. Lastly, we will give you ongoing wellness coaching (for free) as long as you’re sticking with the program. If you have previously consulted a nutritionist in Denver, CO and want to try wellness coaching, contact us now.

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