How To Become A Wellness Coach here in Denver

I want to do something that makes a difference and
I want to work for myself.

I want to be in control of what I make and I want to make what I’m worth.
I don’t want my time to equal money.

Wellness Coaching can take of all these “wants” that you and many others desire and make them a reality. Personally, we wanted all these “wants” as well. We were working too many hours a week by staring at the computer all day long. Even with the amount of hours we were putting in, we were still struggling financially. Plus, we didn’t enjoy it.

Wellness Coaching came to us by way of a family member. He has been working as a wellness coach for almost 20 years. We realized the amazing, active life we could create for our family through helping ourselves and helping others reach their health and wellness goals.

How do I train as a Wellness Coach?

As a Wellness Coach, we don’t need to have all the facts and figures memorized to help people. Facts don’t sell, stories do. All you need is our own personal results story and a proven business system to guide you through how to help others.

We have this proven system and it includes but is not limited to…

  • Your own personal coach – us! We will guide you in every step with one-on-one support, team trainings.
  • DVD’s and printed materials to have a home.
  • Online training tools with 24 hour access
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Live Trainings
  • And much more…

This is all to help you guide your clients to reach their goals as well as your own goals. Access to all this information makes Wellness Coaching a possibility for anyone who has the passion and desire to make it a part of their lives.

The company that has created all the training materials and programs for us has been around for over 35 years. With our training you will have access to the most high tech programs and knowledge of award winning scientists from UCLA, other Wellness Coaches with years of experience and us, your coach here at “Denver Wellness Coaching,” to help you create your very own Wellness Coaching business.

Health And Wellness In Colorado

As a Health and Wellness Coach it’s always important to take a close look at any new client’s current health and wellness in order to make a plan for them to reach their goals.

Now I’m not certain what the Health or for that matter the Wellness goals are for the State of Colorado but the State of Colorado is not my client.  However, it is the environment in which our clients live and as anyone knows you tend to reflect similarities with those who surround Health and Wellness Imageyou.  So I think it’s important to take a look at the overall health and wellness of a state to have a general sense of the population, which are, in fact, our potential clients.

Now I will say that I approached this article with an assumption that I’ve since found were a bit off.  I’d always assumed Colorado was one of the healthiest states, if not the healthiest state, in the US.  Not true.  Not really even close to true.

One of the most highly regarded reports for comparing health and wellness among states is from United Health Foundation in its America’s Health RankingsÒ.  In 2012 Colorado is ranked 11th.  Not too shabby, but out of only 50 there’s certainly some room for improvement.  What is terrific, however, is Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the United States, which is very encouraging.

The report is impressive in how comprehensive it is in its analysis.  They look at the following in their core measures: Smoking, Binge Drinking, Obesity, Sedentary Lifestyle, High School Graduation Rate, Infectious Disease, Children in Poverty, Air Pollution, Violent Crime, Occupational Fatalities, Lack of Health Insurance, Public Health Funding, Immunization Coverage, Primary Care Physicians, Preventable Hospitalizations, Low Birthweight, Diabetes, Poor Mental Health Days, Poor Physical Health Days, Geographic Disparity, Cardiovascular Deaths, Cancer Deaths, Premature Death, Infant Mortality [Read more…]

Coached Needed

Wellness coaches neededEarn up to $500 – $3,000 working part time
Earn up to $3,000 – $10,000 working full time
Join this fun and rewarding career.
No experience necessary – we will train you. [Read more…]

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