Why 24Fit?

24fit club workoutsHow many times have you made a new years resolution to join the health club or workout program in January, singed up for an exercise class only to end up in February of that same year finding yourself disappointed with your results? Leaving you with a feeling that you tried the same thing last year with the same results.

Doesn’t it seem like today’s gym industry keeps coming up with new ways to reinvent itself from having body building in the 70’s to the fitness explosion which has lasted from the 80’s to 2010 including things like spinning, zumba, aerobics…  What is it going to take for gyms and health clubs to figure out we have moved forward to the Wellness Age?

Have you ever asked a gym, what you can expect for results from their programs?  Did they seem to scramble for an answer?  Do they seem scared to follow the results for fear of what they may possibly find?  When you begin to focus on results, diet and exercise are extremely important.  Only when you begin focusing will you come to realize improvements in ones:

  • Shape
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Metabolic age
  • Etc.

Is the following line up being provided by your gym?

  1. A wellness agenda that covers both exercise and nutrition?
  2. A prearranged program that is structured for 6 months including a blend of strength and cardio training?
  3. Have they discussed with you the significance of having rest days?
  4. Have they discussed with you the consequence of working on your smaller muscles about the joints prior to working on larger muscles?
  5. Are they focused on the way you work out including your posture?
  6. Do they discuss the importance of meals prior to working out or post workout types of drinks to help you with optimum results?

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